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The Ultimate Revival aim's to bring only the finest Old Skool DJs and P.A.'s to honour the legend(s) that were The Pleasuredrome, and Bowlers.

Our lineup will consist of the original trail blazers and pioneers of the old skool dance scene, and of course the original crew that gave birth to what was 'The Pleasuredrome' which subsequently spawned the legend that was Bowlers!

DJ Nipper

DJ NipperDJ Nipper is a true legend of the club scene in the UK.

Back in the late eighties DJ Nipper was one of the chosen ones. The addition of his name to a line up guaranteed people through the door. Legendary sets at The Mana Live, Hacienda,  Shelley’s, Hackett’s, Shadoo, Konspiracy, Thunderdome, Quadrant Park, Eclipse, Turnmills, Cream, Sterns Rain Dance, Spectrum, Perception, Energy and many more and of course Bowlers cemented his status as one of the best DJs around.

Nipper has supported some truly massive artists such as Big Daddy Kane, 808 state, the Shamen, the Bassheads and many more and was also part of the team behind the counter at the legendary Manchester record store Eastern Bloc in the early 90's.

As well as being a pioneer on the DJ scene, Nipper was also prolific in the studio, producing some monster tracks, such as the massive track Kid Unknown - Nightmare Walking amongst others. Nippers skills as a DJ are unparalleled, and is one of only a handful of DJs that can mix, cut and scratch… all whilst working a crowd at the same time.

Nippers appearances in the UK are few and far between these days, so it's an absolute honour and pleasure to have him grace the turntables at the Ultimate Revival on December 3rd. You won't want to miss this performance!!

First of all, huge thanks to the Ultimate Revival crew for coaxing me back to DJ at Bowlers once again with a packet of wine gums and a chupa chup!!

Massive thanks to all the people that attend and support the Ultimate Revival because without you it wouldn't be possible. DJ Nipper.

DJ Welly

DJ WellyDJ Welly was the original Pleasuredrome resident DJ, and largely responsible for the unparalleled success enjoyed by that famous venue back in 1991/92. The huge success of the Pleasuredrome inevitably led to the creation of Bowlers as we knew it where he continued to be the main resident DJ until late ’93.

Welly has played all over the world, alongside some of the worlds biggest DJs such as Grandmaster Flash, Carl Cox and Sasha, he has also written, produced and remixed many tracks over the last 22 years, most notably under the guises of Void, Rebound & DJ Welly. 2008 saw Welly leave the UK for pastures new and he continues to push the musical envelope from his new home in Brisbane, Australia.

Welly is being flown over from Australia once more to play at the Ultimate Revival to recreate the magic that gave birth to both The Pleasuredrome and Bowlers.

I can't wait to play at the Ultimate Revival again in December, what an amazing night we all had in July!

I would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you that came through the doors for our 1st Ultimate Revival event, you made the night so special, and made the 26,000 mile round trip form Australia well worth it, and as we gear up for round 2, I'm getting that giddy feeling in my stomach once more, we have a massive lineup for the December event and I'm sure the TUR faithful are gonna take the roof of Bowlers once again!! DJ Welly.

Stu Allan

Stu AllanStu Allan is a legendary figure in the UK dance music scene, and was an inspiration to a generation of young Northwest DJs that used to tune in to listen to his ground breaking radio show on Piccadilly radio back in the mid-late 80’s.

Stu was a true pioneer of dance music in the North of England, and was largely responsible for changing the musical landscape for many people as the explosion of Hip-Hop and House music swept across the UK in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Playing all over the UK and beyond, Stu set the benchmark which many tried to follow, stints Ibiza and Tenerife back in 93–97 saw Stu packing out 2000+ capacity venues on a regular basis. Stu’s appearances at Bowlers during this time were legendary, taking the night onto another level!

As well as being a pioneer in the DJ scene Stu has also enjoyed monumental success as a recording artist and producer, releasing tracks under such guises as Visa & Clock, scoring no less than 13 top 40 hits of which 4 were top 10!

Whilst all this was happening, Stu was still producing & presenting his weekly Friday and Saturday & Sunday Dance shows on Key 103 including during '99-2000 Kiss 100 approached him to mix & produce the now legendary "Kiss Mix" (Mon-Sat evenings) which became the most listened to shows on at that time in London for 14 - 24 year olds.

Stu continues to spread the word across the UK and beyond, and will be treating you to a classic set of Bowlers anthems at The Ultimate Revival.

Bowlers holds a special place in so many clubbers' hearts. Such a unique venue with a unique atmosphere that so many other clubs could only hope to achieve! And it's in Manchester!

During all the years of appearing at Bowlers, I always looked forward to playing there knowing there'll be a crowd that demands large tunes only!

I'm excited to be experiencing that all over again! The crowd still demand those large tunes and on July 30th, I'm only too happy to give in to that demand!

See you there with my bag full of Bowlers classics! Stu Allan


VertigoVertigo was raised on a diet of love-cabbages and grits, Vertigo’s folks knew he’d grow up, just not how much.

Based in and around Liverpool, during the formative years of what we now know as ‘dance culture’ Vertigo was a must have DJ for the most happening event’s and clubs of the day, playing a mix of anthemic and progressive house music, his set’s were a massive hit with clubbers and party goers and his rise to the top was unparalleled.

During the early 90’s residencies at the Merseyside Academy (later to become Cream) and the massive ARK events saw Vertigo’s status as a premier league DJ cemented even further.

Vertigo made many appearances at both the Pleasuredrome and Bowlers during the 90’s, bringing his trademark DJ style to the masses with huge success.

Vertigo continues to travel the length and breadth of the UK and beyond spreading the gospel, and if you do get the chance to see him, it’s an experience not to be missed, for loads of reasons, one of which is to watch him trying to fit in some of the dj boxes….

As Vertigo was one of the original DJs to play at both the Pleasuredrome and Bowlers, it’s a great honour for us to have on the turntables once more at Bowlers.

The Ultimate Revival event in July was amazing! Couldn't see a thing, sweated three stone off my considerable bulk, lost my eyebrows to the flamethrowers, and ruined my favourite high heels in the wet concrete....

It reminded me a bit of 'nam... Can't wait to do it all again... DJ Vertigo


BowaDJ Bowa was part of the original team of DJ’s that worked together to make the Pleasuredrome such a massive success back in 1991-92, it was there that he began his DJ career warming up for Kenny Grogan upstairs.

Stints at the Buzz club in Preston soon followed in 1992 before Bowa took up the residency in the second room at Bowlers, as Bowlers began to establish itself as the place to be in 1992. As the night continued to grow, Bowa was given a well deserved spot in the main room at Bowlers in 1994 which he made his own in no time at all!

Bowa remained as one of the main resident DJ’s at Bowlers until 1996, when he took up the residency at Wigan Pier on Saturday nights alongside DJ Welly where he remained for many years! Bowa has also had a very successful career as a recording artist and producer, knocking out some massive tracks!

Bowa continues to grace the turntables at the premier old skool nights up and down the UK, and it’s a pleasure to have him behind the decks at The Ultimate Revival.

Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the bowlers team again at The Ultimate Revival. Took me right back. The crowd played their part & didn't disappoint. 

The setting was as good as back in the day. Excellent atmosphere. Just a fantastic event. Epic! 
Nice to see people enjoying themselves like old times making new memories.

May the next generation carry on the legacy of Bowlers - The Ultimate Revival! DJ BOWA

John Waddicker

John WaddickerJohn Waddicker was part of the original team of DJ’s that worked together to make the Pleasuredrome such a massive success back in 1991-92.

When the Pleasuredrome closed it's doors and moved to Bowlers in 1992, John was an integral part of the team of DJ's that continued the Pleasuredrome's legacy, and made the nights at Bowlers such a massive success.

John has been a constant and ever present figure at the biggest old skool events held in the UK, a career which is still going strong in 2011.

John also found success as a member of the production / recording outfit, 'The Cotton Club' and also ran a very successful record label 'Fantastic Records' as well as a vinyl distribution company.

It's a pleasure for us to welcome John back into the fold, and I'm sure the Ultimate Revival faithful will give him a warm welcome at our event in December!

I was lucky enough to be involved in the inception of the legendary PleasureDrome nights which inevitably led to the creation of Bowlers as a dance venue, and so obviously have loads of great memories. Warming up for Welly as resident DJ for many years was an honour. It still amazes me to this day how many people refer back to those nights as the ones which define their clubbing days....and now we can do it all again!.... John Waddicker.


GreenbinsGreenbins career as a DJ stretches right back to warehouse parties that brought about a cultural revolution in the North of the UK in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was a regular DJ at those parties, and also a resident DJ at a small, but legendary club in Blackburn called Monroe’s in 1990-91.

From Monroe’s other residencies and guest spots soon followed at venues such as Sequins, Zone & Jooce in Blackpool, Manhattan Heights & Peppermint Place in Blackburn, Quadrant Park in Liverpool, Revenge Parties, Blackburn warehouse parties, 808 State Show on Sunset FM, Manhattans in Southport to name just a handful.

Greenbins was also an original resident DJ on Friday nights with DJ Welly at the Pleasuredrome, and was also to feature heavily when the night was moved to Trafford Park and became Bowlers.

Greenbins has a unique style on the turntables, and one that has stood him in great stead to this day, I’m sure you’ll join us in welcoming him back to Bowlers once again!

Yet again I am completely honoured to be in the line up for these massive nights that The Ultimate Revival guys are putting on. Absolute quality from when the doors open to when they close !! But as much as they put the night on it's nowt without the crowd... and what a crowd.

I still buzz when I think about the amount of people that wore greenbins... this truly touched me !! The most memorable parts of my set was everyone going nuts to Back By Dope Demand and then when I could hear people singing along to Take Me Away... special memories that I'll always have !!

Now let's create some more special memories at The 2nd Coming with what is without doubt a proper Bowlers line up... 3rd December can't get here quick enough for me Greenbins

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